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someone who maintains the grounds (of an estate or park or athletic field)

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In all his years as a groundskeeper for the Chicago White Sox, Roger Bossard has never faced anything quite like this.
This winter has been a long and drawn-out affair and the persistent low temperatures have prevented a lot of gardeners and groundskeepers from pressing ahead with plans to rejuvenate their gardens, because timing is crucial when it comes to the maintenance of spring and summer gardens.
Some of the outsourced items could be performed by in-house staff if the community's porter or groundskeeper is used," Rhodes says,
And it's unlikely to spread in any case, because golf course groundskeepers keep their grass short, so it never has a chance to scatter seed or pollen.
Groundskeepers (n=24) had an increased risk of tuberculin skin-test conversion compared with other job categories (RR 7.
There is a natural-resources expert, two groundskeepers, and Fred Nilsen, an arboriculturist, who for nine years now has overseen Forest Park's day-to-day maintenance from hit desk in the back of a shed.
Such persons would include (but are not limited to) full-time (or part-time) live-in (or live-out) maids, cooks, nannies, groundskeepers, butlers, personal secretaries, and the like.
A growing number of individuals and organizations rely on gardeners and groundskeepers to do this work for them.
In particular, the lawsuit alleges that groundskeepers were repeatedly instructed by cemetery management to secretly break concrete vaults with a backhoe and remove, dump and/or discard the human remains, including human skulls, to make room for new burials, all in the interest of increased profits.
All over the UK fire services and groundskeepers are facing a growing problem in the form of grass fires.
San Antonio College Invitational cross country meet, groundskeepers filled muddy patches with sand, an added obstacle that the region's top runners didn't exactly welcome with open arms.
They include computer specialists, a budget analyst, two painters, two groundskeepers and a curriculum coordinator.
Wage rates are most attractive in the Midwest for site managers, maintenance helpers, groundskeepers, anti office workers; in the South for executives, assistant managers and leasing agents; and in the West for property managers and maintenance supervisors.
In particular, the lawsuit claims that rather than go through the necessary steps to move an adjacent vault, Defendants' groundskeepers were repeatedly instructed by management at the cemetery to secretly break concrete vaults with a backhoe and remove, dump and/or discard the human remains, including human skulls, to make room for new interments.
The spring represents the perfect time of year to start laying turf and the team at Q Lawns is keen to make sure that gardeners and groundskeepers go about it the right way.