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a waterproofed piece of cloth spread on the ground (as under a tent) to protect from moisture

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A FEW YEARS ago, if you had told Captain Shaun Turner that he'd be sleeping on a groundsheet on a Haitian airstrip just after Christmas, he'd have looked at you in disbelief.
The firm promotes groundsheets designed to keep grass healthier.
In the summer it rained often, and ponchos and groundsheets didn't keep the rain off for long.
We all wore about five or six layers and had sleeping bags and groundsheets.
Then we were told that only certain items could be carried in our packs - groundsheets, mess tins, rations, that sort of thing.
We never unrolled our groundsheets and splashed along the track trying to control our tan issue army boots to avoid taking a header into the mud.
IF your visions of camping remain firmly with the Carry On set, when pitching a tent involved ending up in Twister-style positions with groundsheets, ropes and tent pegs, then think again.
They're good for using as groundsheets and if you're really cold you can always get inside.
Beside them were thousands of waterproof groundsheets still in their wrapping, while refugees lay in filth and mud.
Hundreds of groundsheets, boxes of blankets and dozens of bags of babies' nappies lay in the rain in a car park nearby, awaiting distribution.
They provide boxes containing tents, thermal blankets, groundsheets, water storage and purification equipment, solar lamps, cooking utensils, and other vital equipment to enable people to survive when they have lost their homes.
I remember when we were in England I was on an exercise and one officer told us to get our groundsheets out of our packs and Wakenshaw didn't have his in his pack.
Now, though, I find myself inexplicably looking at sleeping bags and groundsheets.
How should I know what to do," he wibbled, rolling around on wet grass in a tangle of guide ropes and groundsheets.