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a waterproofed piece of cloth spread on the ground (as under a tent) to protect from moisture

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Jon, who is based on an industrial estate in Council Street West near Llandudno Football Club, started out by buying a Somerset firm selling groundsheets for caravan awnings six years ago.
99 each star buy IGLOO TENT In two designs, this threeperson Igloo includes a roll-up entrance, groundsheet, pegs, poles, guy ropes and carry bag.
This study conducted in the DBNP has enabled us to highlight the plant groupings of the herbaceous groundsheet and their main characteristics.
No doubt, lists would include such items as: boots, hat, waterproof jacket, backpack, tent, sleeping bag, groundsheet, water bottle, portable stove and eating utensils.
99 tent also weathers well (especially the weekend we tried it out in pouring rain) and the groundsheet protected porch offers the ideal place to stow gear and carry out day-to-day tasks.
A FEW YEARS ago, if you had told Captain Shaun Turner that he'd be sleeping on a groundsheet on a Haitian airstrip just after Christmas, he'd have looked at you in disbelief.
It was a perfect compromise for me: camping but with a bit of luxury thrown in, and about as far away in every sense from pitching up on a Scottish hillside with a threadbare ex-Army tent and old bits of carpet as a groundsheet.
Tipis (now sold out), complete with groundsheet and rain catcher, which can house up to six adults, cost A[pounds sterling]900 to hire.
Gregarious, gruff, and tough as old boots, he camped on Baffin Island with sleeping bag and groundsheet at the age of eighty-two.
Instead, he would be sewn into a blanket or groundsheet, carried to a graves registration unit, and buried in a military cemetery far from home.
Signals and a plastic groundsheet imprinted with scenery round out the set.
The small room was so simple and comfortable, perhaps because it was all natural; lying on woollen rugs on an earth floor, surrounded by walls and roof of mud bricks, we became part of the earth in a way which is not possible in modem buildings; even when camping we are insulated from the earth by a plastic groundsheet.
Many live in tents with no groundsheet that get muddy in wet weather and dusty when it's hot.
They asked me to identify and pulled the groundsheet back," he said.