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Eurasian weed with heads of small yellow flowers

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THINGS TO DO THIS WEEK * Bring potted strawberries inside for forcing * Pot up a few lily-of-the-valley for flowering indoors * Test soil for acidity and, if necessary, correct with lime * Hoe off chickweed and groundsel on warm days * Clean out the bottom of hedges
Plastic heteroblasty in beach groundsel (Senecio lautus).
The proverbial sun that never sets on the flag never sets on the chickweed, groundsel, dandelion, and veronicas that grow in every British garden and on every British garden-path' (p.
The great auk, a flightless seabird similar to a penguin, Ivell's sea anemone, Mitten's beardless-moss and York groundsel, a weed, have all become extinct since 1800
Daisies, golden Alexander, cressleaf groundsel, sweet rocket and common fleabane still hold in the pastures.
Groundsel and chickweed in particular should be removed from around growing chrysanthemums as they are host plants for the chrysanthemum eelworm.
Herbicide family Herbicide Weed Dinitroaniline Trifluralin Goosegrass Green foxtail Bipyridylium Paraquat Hairy fleabane Arloxyophenoxyproprionate Diclofop Annual ryegrass Triazine Atrazine/Simazine Common groundsel Lambsquarters Pigweed Kochia Annual bluegrass Witchgrass Downy brome Sulfonylurea Chlorsulfuron Kochia Russian thistle Prickly lettuce Herbicide family Country Dinitroaniline USA Canada Bipyridylium Egypt Arloxyophenoxyproprionate Australia Triazine USA, Canada Sulfonylurea USA Table 14-11 Weed density by management, rotation, and crop in 1995 in Lamberton, MN.
Compositae Spiny Aster Machearanthera Nectar canescens (Pursch) Compositae Groundsel Senecio Nectar integerrimus Nutt.
600 Field violet/European Viola arvensis 400 field pansy or "wild pansy" Groundsel Senecio vulgaris 100 Lambsquarters Chenopodium album 1600+ Prostrate knotweed Polygonum aviculare 400 Shepherd's purse Capsella bursapastoris 50 TABLE 10-3 Common Annual and Perennial Weeds WEED SPECIES TYPE Annuals Barnyardgrass Echinochloa crus-galli Monocot Cheeseweed mallow * Malva parviflora Dicot Crabgrass Digitaria spp.
A member of the sunflower family, it has been given the Latin name Senecio Eboracensis but will be known as York Groundsel.
While studying a drab little plant called the groundsel, he was struck by the fact that plants of the same genetic variety could look very different in different environments.
Effect of light competition on seed production and viability of common groundsel (Senecio vulgaris L.
Cantharides, or powdered Spanish Fly (a kind of beetle), powdered bluebottles and groundsel were regarded as love philtres but were far from safe.