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in Elizabethan theater: a playgoer in the cheap standing section

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In places the humor was base: as he climbed up onto the stage, his bum level with the face of one of the groundlings, he spoke of his need to "break my wind" (2.
The company is also handling video distribution for Groundling Marsh, which features a magical wetland inhabited by loveable puppet characters who try to co-exist peacefully but still manage to create chaos with hilarious results.
I studied at The Groundlings theatre and school in LA, which have had some of my favourite comedic actors such as Melissa McCarthy and Amy Poehler.
A former member of the influential comedy troupe The Groundlings, she had been rejected twice before for a spot on the NBC comedy institution.
Although she and Falcone have been together for years (they met while working in improvisational comedy group The Groundlings in the Nineties), this is the couple's first big screen writing collaboration - and McCarthy admits there was a concern that if it didn't get the reaction they'd have liked, it would impact their relationship.
His training includes The Groundlings, BATS, Stuart K.
SNL has traditionally gone fishing for talent in a few deep, reliable fishing spots: Second City in Chicago, the Groundlings in Los Angeles and the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York.
The theatres needed to attract large numbers of playgoers and so performances had to appeal to a wide spectrum of society, from groundlings to courtiers.
We groundlings have an attachment at a basic level to the dirt from which we came.
Dissatisfaction with jockeys is rife, the fuel that keeps the groundlings grumbling.
comedy group The Groundlings and in 2005 achieved the Holy Grail for comedians by joining the cast of Saturday Night Live.
Basically the film runs two parallel plotlines: one is the tortuous schemes of Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, who brings his plays to the stage anonymously because, as an aristocrat and close to the Queen, it would be unseemly and demeaning for him to promote his love of literature for the entertainment of the Elizabethan rabble and the groundlings in London theatres like The Globe and The Rose.
Although it's all very well to place the works of Shakespeare within their historical context, (positively encouraged, in fact, by the National Curriculum) this can be a mixed blessing when a fleeting mention of the notion that there were no toilets in the Globe theatre yields a crop of essays which have as their focal point the image of groundlings peeing into buckets .
Distracted, he turned to the audience and continued pissing over the head of one of the groundlings (one trusts a company "plant").
OF When a teacher suggested she should continue treading the boards, Kristen did, dropping out of university and Wiig heading to Los Angeles where she joined The Groundlings.