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the quality of lacking substance or value


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The groundlessness of aesthetic judgment (insofar as it is not grounded on a concept or on any private interest) offers a powerful model to political life precisely because politics is too often conducted on the basis of doing what we already know (how to do).
Olson 1990: 11), demonstrated the groundlessness of the ground were right in doing so; but insofar as such critics failed to emphasise (and realise even) that the contingency of the ground is not a deficiency but is the reason for us not being automatons for possibilities, decisions, and freedom can take hold only within a contingent ground--and insofar as that failure led many a graduate student and professor to the conclusion that there is no such thing as literature, and if there is, it is a conspiracy, their dictums were misleading and counterproductive.
Little by little globalization has transformed all into the ironic groundlessness of the spectacle and the aura of the phantasm; is the possibility of a true language for democracy vanishing?
repeat the founding moment of the representational order itself at which the groundlessness of the world was exposed and to consider the structural principle by which conduct can be conducted.
The groundlessness of a separate Finno-Volgaic layer is therefore out of question.
Federico Lombardi said he "never doubted this would be the response [of the court], given the total groundlessness of the accusation," according to Religion News Service.
By disclosing the an-archic substructure of thought, Godwin likewise exposes the groundlessness of an Enlightenment subjectivity predicated on the freedom of the (rational) will.
Sky," as a noun, a finite thing, marks an encounter with matter, a material refuge from the groundlessness of being--"the open"--that otherwise eludes ordinary representations: "the absolutely incomprehensible.
The dichotomy's very groundlessness has allowed it to migrate within the human, to define as bestial certain slaves, colonials, women, and criminals.
Turning toward the intensity of life and welcoming it not only gives you a direct experience of impermanence and death and selflessness, it also gives you an appreciation for the groundlessness of life, for life as it really is," she writes.
But the power of Uranus - the planet of originality, innovation and hasty behaviors - gives him a certain groundlessness that contributes to his reputation as a flip-flopper.
This epistemological morality gets twisted around in the context of religion, where the very groundlessness of a belief is seen as a moral strength.
In fact, both the groundlessness of beings addressed by Nietzsche and Heidegger (hence the irredeemable fall of all positive values) and the conviction according to which positivity is always already "saved" from the "threat" constituted by "nothing" (either a part of it, according to Christian theology and Aristotelian ontology, or the whole of it, according to the "Destiny" to which Severino refers) presuppose the conception of "nothing" or "negativity" proposed by Parmenides.
Such groundlessness prefigures his leap from the cliff grasping Ippolita.