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someone who maintains the grounds (of an estate or park or athletic field)

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Coltrane is transformed into the hirsute groundkeeper Rubeus Hagrid, while Dame Maggie becomes deputy head Professor Minerva McGonagall.
Rowling), it's on the required book list for all Hogwarts students and a much-revered text by Hagrid, groundkeeper and Care of Magical Creatures teacher.
For any American tourist reading this, we do NOT sound like Groundkeeper Willie from The Simpsons.
So when the Sunderland squad ended a training session at the Blackbaud Stadium by setting up a makeshift wicket to start an impromptu game of cricket, stumps and all, how the home groundkeeper must have cringed.
He has a small but scene-stealing part as a deranged groundkeeper at a posh golf club, where the locals become horrified when a nouveau riche slob (Rodney Dangerfield) moves in and tries to take over.
John, from Newmains in North Lanarkshire, said: 'I left school to work in the mines and, apart from a job as a groundkeeper for the council some years later, I worked in the mines all my life.
Is this because the only truly world-renowned Scots - James Bond and The Simpsons' Groundkeeper Willie - are fictional creations?
Besides Groundkeeper Willie, the red-haired, mad-eyed - and needless to say, Jock - school caretaker, Scotland also provided inspiration for Homer's most quoted phrase.
Eventually, though, you unlock nearly all of the famous cast of characters, including Professor Frink, Scots groundkeeper Willy, Otto, Clancy Wiggum and Snake, each of whom has a unique car with somewhat unique handling.
And the player, known as Big Mac, was full of praise for groundkeeper Tim Forneris who gave up dollars 1million to return the record-breaking ball to him.
the Catholic cemeteries of the Oakland diocese have reached a 10-year agreement with SEIU Local 265 representing their 23 groundkeepers.
Wearing red, black, white and green colour T-shirts and caps, the expat labourers, mainly the landscape workers and groundkeepers from the Park and Horticulture Department of the municipality, formed the design of the flag at the Zabeel Park in Dubai.
The operator will provide high quality services including cleaners, groundkeepers, chefs, electricians and plumbers.
Church officials have imposed the new regulations to protect groundkeepers mowing the grass.
An HMRC statement at the time said: "We can't discuss specific cases for legal reasons but tax that has been deducted at source from the wages of players and support staff such as groundkeepers and physios must be paid over to HMRC.