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someone who helps to open up a new line of research or technology or art

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But her determination and strong leadership skills were recognised and in 2001 she was chosen as a loveLife groundbreaker in the Nkowakowa youth-friendly clinic.
By positioning Philadelphia as an innovative, world energy leader and community development groundbreaker, we will generate robust economic benefits at the local, state, and national level," Henry said.
With an estimated pounds 7300 price tag, LG's groundbreaker is likely to be the preserve of oligarchs and tycoons.
We put this movie on sale five weeks before the opening, which is also a record, and we kind of felt that this would be a groundbreaker.
VAUXHALL'S original Zafira was something of a groundbreaker among mid-sized MPV - so much so Volkswagen came up with a virtual carbon copy in the shape of the Touran.
Then grab our fab FREE CD today - stuffed with guitar groundbreaker Chuck Berry's riffs and hits.
In essence, Signs + Decal have been a groundbreaker and a leader in architectural signage.
Two sections that will appeal especially to YAs are Schlosser's examination of so-called "natural flavors" (created secretly in New Jersey chemical factories) added to all the heavily processed foods most of this country eats at fast food restaurants, and Schlosser's graphic descriptions of the current meat/chicken raising, processing, and packaging industry that is much less competitive, much less safe and much more dangerous than anything Upton Sinclair described in his classic muckraking groundbreaker The Jungle written almost 100 years ago.
Kevin has been a leader and groundbreaker in the retail and measurement space for his whole career and will no doubt add invaluable vision and representation to our Board.
Part of the Groundbreaker Biography series, this exciting life story is presented with detailed finesse of many intense highs and lows of a creative man's life, from 1955 to 2011.
Nature Sprouts, a groundbreaker in super foods, unveils its new line of sprouted legumes on its website
Being the Groundbreaker, presented by Bryant Ambelang, chief executive officer and president, NatureSweet Tomatoes
Taylor-Corbett seems at ease with her current status: "People don't look at me and say, `What a groundbreaker.
Coplans' reputation is that of the avant-garde artist's verbal twin, running alongside the artist as apologist, groundbreaker, and friend.
The super-sleek body has more than a hint of Aston Martin about it - not that anyone's complaining - but it is the unique carbon fibre body that makes it a genuine groundbreaker.