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Synonyms for groundball

(baseball) a hit that travels along the ground

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Lichtman found that, while McCracken was correct in that a pitcher does not have much control over his overall BABIP, he does have considerable control over individual components such as groundball and fly-ball rates.
Keep a record of the number of times you see a groundball hit directly at a runner leading off third base.
The rule was born as a result of a stunt the Reds' Don Hoak pulled when he actually fielded a groundball as a runner to prevent the opposing team from completing a double play.
Putnam's next pitch ended the inning with a groundball back to the pitcher.
Bryant singled to center, scoring Kevin Garlick from second base, and Bryant then scored on an error by the second baseman on a groundball hit by Steven Packard.
Chris Colabello followed with a groundball single to the left side, scoring Crespi.
Down to her last strike, Valentina Salinas hit a two-out groundball single up the middle that brought home Rebecca Patton for the tying run.
Right Fielder runs down a groundball hit toward the right-field line, and throws to the cutoff man (2nd baseman), who relays the ball to the SS covering 2nd.
Houston does have a pitching staff that contains a handful of groundball pitchers, an effective weapon when you move your infielders around as much as it does.
In the top of the fourth inning, Kevin Garlick scored after Hawaii second baseman Steven Ventimilia committed an error on a groundball hit by John Kruger.
Magnell hit a groundball to third baseman Brendan Fleming, whose throw sailed over first baseman Josh Torres' head.
Probably the most exciting groundball I ever had," Chapman said.
Moynihan relieved Smith with runners at second and third with two outs in the bottom of the third, and induced a groundball out on three pitches to escape the jam.