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a sharp uncontrollable turn made by an airplane while moving along the ground

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Although significant ground-loop size reductions were found, the study identified the need for an automated optimization scheme to find the true optimum pond area and ground loop length, as well as to facilitate the design procedure.
The fundamental task in designing hybrid GHP systems lies in properly balancing the size of the supplemental component and the size of the ground-loop heat exchanger, while optimizing the control of the supplemental component.
The fundamental task in designing hybrid GHP systems lies in properly sizing the supplemental component and the ground-loop heat exchanger, using an appropriate control algorithm for system operation so that annual heat rejection and extraction loads in the ground can be balanced.
In the earth-coupled, ground-loop system, a series of 200 wells with underground pipes will use energy stored in the earth to cool and heat the building," said Bob Andrus, EVANTAGE's staff engineer for the project.
Additionally, the USB-6216 provides optional 60 V CAT I isolation for protection against transient voltages, improved noise immunity and ground-loop removal.
In addition to the TPS55010, TI's popular 1-W DCP010505 open-frame power module with integrated transformer provides simple isolated power conversion and ground-loop elimination.
The building's HVAC energy performance was further enhanced by a field of ground-loop energy wells.
In addition, the buildings mechanical system will be replaced with a new efficient ground-loop fed HVAC system.
Thomas Emlinger states, "The PMA-350H is our most intelligent amplifier yet, delivering rich and clear audio, external volume control, and instant ground-loop elimination.
I figured we'd just ground-loop the jet or steer it into the Hornet next to us on cat 2.
subsidiary achieved an efficiency breakthrough with its introduction of the Trilogy(tm)40 series, the first geothermal heat pumps ever certified by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) to exceed a 40 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) at ground-loop test conditions and 50 EER at ground-water test conditions.
The oil production rate from the well corresponds to the heat input rate in the ground-loop problem.
Because the wireless transmitters are self-powered, they are isolated from spurious ground-loop potentials that get introduced into any reaction vessel from a number of different sources.