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Synonyms for ground-hugging

of plants that grow relatively low to the ground

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But there will be more coupe than off-roader in the X4's DNA, with a low, ground-hugging stance and only four seats as standard, with a fifth chair as an option.
The new Swift Sport's exterior design reflects the model's evolution towards a more sporting look and this ground-hugging form helps to deliver a true sense of stability while the front grille, flanked by large, distinctive fog lamp bezels, adds even further to the car's sporting character.
With its ground-hugging style and large front grille flanked by big, finned fog lamp bezels the Sport certainly looks the business and exclusive aerodynamic parts control the airflow, suppress lift and give the car a lower centre of gravity.
The fiery Ford, which goes on sale next year, boasts an eye-catching if unusual paint job, ground-hugging suspension, big wheels and tyres plus tell-tale central rear double exhaust.
That's why Andre left the center of his garden open and planted surrounding beds (page 48) with ground-hugging plants like prostrate juniper, dymondia, and blue senecio.
CHANGES to the latest Toyota Aygo models include a resculpted front grille and bumper that emphasise the car's low centre of gravity, giving it a more ground-hugging appearance.
Dominated by a striking white and black contrast theme intended to suggest precious platinum metal, the XJ75 Platinum Concept is a high-performance 470-hp 2011 Jaguar XJL Supercharged equipped with new ground-hugging front, rear and side sills.
The XK has classic ground-hugging proportions with a long hood, powerful rear hunches and minimal overhangs.
And though it may evoke images of the leafy canopy of a spreading oak, for instance, the term actually applies to all sizes and species of green plants--from ground-hugging tomatoes to tall, slender cotton.
A backyard deck can be ground-hugging and garden-friendly -- or it can zigzag, wind, and soar upward, depending on terrain and budget.
The model features bumpers containing deep air intakes, a ground-hugging spoiler, and beefy arches and side skirts.
Badged the SR180, it has Toyota Motor-sport lowered suspension springs giving it a ground-hugging stance and a neat new rear spoiler.
Nevertheless, it is also provides an amazing ecosystem that features ground-hugging plants, evergreen trees, rock-climbing puffins, fierce birds of prey, polar bears, walruses, muskoxen, and more.
For obvious reasons, motor museums tend to be ground-hugging constructions, but here UN Studio ambitiously stack cars on nine levels.
And sure, it looks as sexed-up as a Beyonce pop video with 18-inch alloys, a V-grille, ground-hugging sideskirts and spoilers-a-plenty.