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a radio wave propagated on or near the earth's surface

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This joint project between Cobham and CMN has been launched after consulting the worldwide military users and radio manufacturers in order to provide a further NVIS [1] and ground wave capabilities without missing the stealth requirement unlike whip, fan wire, discone-cage and towel bar antennas.
He covers electromagnetic wave theory, antennas for radio frequency radio links, the impact of earth surface on the propagation of ground waves, atmospheric effects, and receiving radio waves.
3 temblor was a separate, "triggered earthquake" caused by ground waves from the Chilean quake.
Also, a disparity in travel time between two sets of ground waves suggests that sound travels faster through the material in some directions than it does in others.
The slow, rolling ground waves that spread along Earth's surface from that temblor caused the seafloor beneath the grounded iceberg to oscillate up and down about 2 centimeters every 20 seconds or so.