ground water

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underground water that is held in the soil and in pervious rocks

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By 1995, the county scale Ground Water Pollution Potential map settings were being modified to acknowledge the hydrogeologic impact of fractures in Ohio's finer-grained glacial materials.
The ground water, waste water sludge and the sewage water samples each were collected from the selected sites, as per the standard procedures (APHA AWWA WPCF 1998).
In situ means the technology is delivered directly to the subsurface soils or ground water to treat the contaminants where they are located.
The study shows that about 93 percent of the farms were using ground water in the Rechna Doab.
Bethke and Johnson have shown that the effect of aquitards on the age of ground water depends on the ratio of water mass, not on the mixing rate.
Thus a rough preliminary estimate of the ground water flow of the mountain aquifer which originates as rainfall within the Occupied Territories indicates that it is some 80-90 percent of the total flow.
Mr John Sexton, Thames Water's environment director, said: "The Royal household has taken a welcome lead in developing environmentally friendly uses for the rising ground water in the heart of the capital.
The municipal panel had been studying the area after a high concentration of the substance was found in ground water taken from the site last fall.
Both surface and ground water can pick up an unwanted passenger on the trip from the purification plant to the tap: lead.
ATLANTA -- This September, the Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, and the U.
Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (Sewa) has invested in two innovations - one to store ground water and the other to detect hidden water leakages -as part of the innovation week which will conclude today.
Tenders are invited for Contract for Consulting firm to provide qualified individual consultants for implementation of Ground Water Component of the Project.
WITH nearly five lakh illegal borewells sucking up Delhi's ground water, the water table has fallen to alarming 214 feet below ground level in the southern ridge.
Describing the situation of ground water in the country as critical, Rawat said there is a need to develop ground water management mechanism to check its misuse.
The development of Ground water resources are seriously used for household, drinking water provisions in the United States Nigeria and other part of the world is of serious concern (John, 2003).
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