ground swell

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an obvious change of public opinion or political sentiment that occurs without leadership or overt expression

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a broad and deep undulation of the ocean


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In addition, Ground Swell complemented ATI's senior management in executing key strategic and operational initiatives that were instrumental to ATI's success.
He said: "There is a huge ground swell of opinion against it.
Also, there is a ground swell among pure music lovers against what is becoming more and more a corporate arena.
Perhaps when it started there was a ground swell of opinion that the government of the people, like Justice, should be seen to be done.
In fact there is a ground swell of real old soldiers who haven't found it necessary to purchase unofficial medals to show off in front of their friends.
Practically everybody in Iraq now wants to see the back of British and American government forces at the earliest possible moment, and now there is a ground swell of opinion in Britain for the withdrawal of British troops now or at the latest by Christmas.
There was certainly a ground swell for the now Celtic boss amongst the Tartan Army and it's no secret that the chief executive courts them avidly, in meetings with their representatives.
There was a ground swell of opinion that the unit was valuable to the well-being of the area, had performed well for many years and was something that could not be lost.
Only if the ground swell of people say enough is enough will we start to leave those old stereotypes behind
He also takes offence to comments made by Adams Mine Rail Haul president Gord McGuinty in the October issue of Northern Ontario Business that the ground swell of opposition is limited to a handful of New Liskeard activists.
Whitefriars executive director Roger Griffiths said: "I get the feeling that there is a ground swell of opinion presenting a collective view.
The overreactive ground swell for removing the chief from civil service protection and placing the chief again under the politicians was hasty and without regard for what should have been learned from the 1930s.
Second, there seems to be a ground swell of popular and professional support for treating this new malady with the rather radical and previously unacceptable solution of physician-assisted suicide.
Evans Communications is a portfolio company of Ground Swell Equity Partners, a San Diego-based private equity firm.
Tapping into a ground swell of support, Charlie aligns himself with maverick CIA agent Gust Avrakotos (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and together they begin greasing the political cogs.
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