ground swell

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an obvious change of public opinion or political sentiment that occurs without leadership or overt expression

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a broad and deep undulation of the ocean


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Ground Swell is a company that has provided outstanding IT service delivery to their customers for over 14 years.
10 November 2016 - US-based communication solution provider Ancero, LLC has signed a definitive agreement to acquire US-based IT services firm Ground Swell, Inc.
Be part of the ground swell of people who take a stand against violence against women
It was a move that surprised many within football and has led to a ground swell of sympathy for Di Matteo.
And while electing police chiefs is routine in the US, so is electing dog-catchers, and there is no ground swell for that here either.
Heulwen Jones, who submitted the FoI to Cardiff council, said there had been a ground swell of disapproval from residents who found it difficult to find a space in the car park.
Barclays recently launched the pounds 100m fund for UK farmers investing in renewable energy, tracking the massive ground swell of interest from farmers seeking to cut energy bills and generate new income.
The bugle of freedom has started blowing and there will be a ground swell of civil, non-violent disobedience a-la-Gandhi.
PCE, being one of the global members of GCE, organized provincial and international conferences earlier as pre-launch of GAW that created a ground swell for the activities.
With a ground swell of positive trade opportunities, energies and goodwill that exists, the launch of PGBF-Northern Chapter will further promote profitable business and transfer of technology and information between both the countries.
LDP TRANSPORT Minister Mike Penning comes to Liverpool on Thursday in the knowledge that there is a massive ground swell of support here for a cruise turnaround facility at the Pier Head.
The need for Infrastructure and Realty in India can be gauged by the ground swell in demand along with the emphasis given by the Government of India, seen in its increase in planned expenditure on infrastructure from the current 5% of GDP to a larger 9% of GDP by 2014.
It is clear and evident that there is a ground swell of opinion which favours the reconstruction of a pub/restaurant on the site of the former Castle Hill Hotel," it said.
And, after a ground swell of public support, he said the council quashed the fine but told him council workers would put them up in future.
Individual articles in this and future issues of the Journal might have appeared in other journals (though, admittedly, some of the journals of the traditional disciplines seem not to reflect the ground swell of activity in the consumer field), but, except for those whose journal-reading scope covers an extremely wide range, many such articles would go unnoticed by consumer specialists in other disciplines.
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