ground substance

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Synonyms for ground substance

the body substance in which tissue cells are embedded

the clear nongranular portion of the cytoplasm of a cell


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Several physiological changes occur in the cellular elements and ground substance throughout pregnancy and favours cervical softening.
The final permittivity of the ground substance is obtained by applying the Maxwell-Garnet (MG) Mixture rule, which assumes spherical particles of [[epsilon].
The extracellular matrix surrounding most of the cells of connective tissue is often referred to as the ground substance.
In the myxomatous or reactive variant, lesions are relatively acellular, and there is a high volume of myxoid ground substance.
1998), showed the VSR of the MTU has a greatest response at the greatest stretch length, suggesting that the relaxation of the connective tissue collagen fibres or the mechanical sliding and shearing of the ground substance of the extracellular matrix is responsible for these results.
They point to the presence of mucin in both the patient's dermis and in the dermal material from the Graftskin as evidence of interaction and stimulation of both patient and bioengineered dermis to produce ground substance [the intercellular material of connective tissue].
Alan Menter, chairman of the Department of Dermatology at Baylor College of Medicine, Mederma is thought to work by curtailing fibroblast function and limiting the creation of a ground substance that partially forms at a scar's matrix.
Additionally, the polymer matrix also carries a chemotactic ground substance that incorporates one or more of several biological modifiers.
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