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(physics) the lowest energy state of an atom or other particle

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31]Cl states are the ground states of these nuclei.
are ground states of the uuu and the ddd quark systems, respectively.
In the next section we show, however, that if the [absolute value of [PSI]]> is a ground state (of any system), then E becomes a functional of n.
Where [PSI] is the ground state and C is bijective (one-to-one correspondence), because to every V we can compute the corresponding [PSI] from SE and two different V and V' (differing by more than a constant) give two different [PSI], because if V and V' gave the same [PSI], then by substracting
2] ground states we generate a set of potentials which produce scattering phase shifts consistent with our observed spectra.
The mechanism of SBS was first demonstrated theoretically in quantum field theory: (1) In the system of infinitely many degrees of freedom described by the Hamiltonian manifesting the rotational symmetry, only one state is chosen spontaneously among the infinitely degenerate ground states as a real ground state of the system and the rotational symmetry of the system is broken without recourse to any external environment.
By applying the proper sequence of pulses, one can presumably place an array of these particles into any desired pattern of states, including superpositions of the excited and ground states.
Since the dipolar interaction of the systems can be coherently controlled and manipulated by laser light, we will investigate novel ground states of many Rydberg systems and realize many-body fast quantum gates.
Appendices include tools from harmonic analysis and material on the construction of ground states.
The first is to extend our understanding of known strongly coupled quantum critical ground states using gravitational solutions and also to search for new ones.
According to the report's authors, Stand Your Ground states have seen their "justifiable homicide" rate rise by an average of 53 percent in five years following their passage.
Appendices include an evaluation of thermal and transport properties of gases and liquids, constants and conversion factors often used in combustion, naming of hydrocarbons and properties of hydrocarbon fuels, melting, boiling and critical temperatures of elements, the periodic table, and electronic configurations of neutral atoms in ground states.
3, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Strong Latino voter turnout in key battle ground states has demonstrated once again that the growing Hispanic population is having an increasingly profound impact on US elections.
also empowered candidates for school board office to reach PTA members on the local level while enabling the presidential campaigns to reach operatives, field staff, volunteers, and voters quickly and easily in key battle ground states nationwide.
07 million Indian-Americans are eligible voters -- many of them in key battle ground states -- making the community's voting power a force to reckon with.