ground state

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(physics) the lowest energy state of an atom or other particle

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ground state of the helium atom must take the form [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], where [j.
baryon is the ground state of the three sss quarks and each of the baryons of the decuplet has an antisymmetric space-spin wave function.
A physical understanding of the ground state of QCD in the strongly interacting limit does not exist.
For example, let us write down the 0+ ground state [He.
Physicists had previously been unable to get enough molecules into this stable and still ground state.
Ortho-deuterium molecules have much attractive properties as the UCN converter material [8] with a very small absoption cross section for neutrons and lying in the rotational ground state at temperatures below about 20 K.
Electronic transitions from the ground state geometry were computed at the CIS 6-31+G(d) level and the ZINDO semiempirical level.
In Figure 1, the subscript '0' denotes the ground state and '1' denotes the excited state.
Neutral atoms have the advantage that in their ground state they don't talk to each other, so you can put more of them in a small region without having them interact with each other and cause problems," Saffman said.
3]He gas by Metastability Exchange Optical Pumping (MEOP) where the atoms from the ground state are excited into the metastable [2.
This so-called ground state is the orbital equivalent of the inner lane on the racetrack.
The final piece of the bottomonia puzzle is the measurement of the Xb excited states, which have never been measured in heavy-ion collisions, but which give a significant feed-down contribution to the Y(1S) ground state.
The article entitled, "The ground state of embryonic stem cell self-renewal," disclosed that researchers used Cellastim as a recombinant albumin in place of animal-derived serum to eliminate contaminants in the cell culture.
The dipole moment is derived from the ground state absorption and the QD areal density, which was determined from transmission electron micrographs generated by collaborators at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
By incorporating this quantum dot into a device resembling a transistor and measuring current-voltage relationships, the researchers determined the dot's ground state as they added electrons one by one.