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the speed of an aircraft relative to the ground

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The identified time interval will be used to identify the system ground and accordingly the laser response at each point of time and ground speed unite.
Combine ground speed because of a delay in crop harvesting was adjusted in the area of first level, 2.
From that position, the machine is operated through a simple control panel that incorporates soft-touch, color-coded, ergonomic controls, including a cruise control function that is designed to lock in the ground speed and minimize operator fatigue.
The L-3 TACAN will provide vital navigation information such as DME distance, TACAN radial or bearing, decoded station identification, ground speed, and time to station.
For this application, Magic Circle wanted to achieve a ground speed of about 8 mph using a 20 to 27 hp motor at 3600 rpm, 23- to 24-in.
8 miles, 200 feet above the water with 60 knots ground speed.
Also, an additional power burst has been designed in, allowing operators to maintain critical ground speed and threshing capacity when unloading on the go.
The picture was made by rolling the entire spacecraft, adjusting its rotation rate to match the ground speed under the camera.
Recently we looked at an introduction to sprinting, a great way to get fit and improve on ground speed, especially if you participate in a competitive sport.
The software details the aircraft's position, flight status, and other information including altitude, ground speed, type of aircraft, arrival and departure airports, departure time, estimated arrival time and weather.
To solve the tire wear problem, wheels would have to rotate as close to ground speed as possible before landing, said Almen, who has more than 18 years of aircraft maintenance experience with Boeing Co.
However, a radar ground speed sensor helps the servomotor controller determine how long after an obstruction passes the front bumper that the motor must begin pulling in the boom.
A multisensor system for high precision, noncontact vehicle ground speed measurements has been developed, based on data obtained from long term railway measurements.
Warrior is a multi-mission platform with a ground speed of 12 mph and a heavy lift-carrying capacity.
Both models feature Eco mode, which automatically adjusts engine power and transmission settings based on load while maintaining ground speed, to help optimize fuel economy.