ground rose

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low-growing bristly shrub of southern Oregon and California with creeping rootstocks and usually corymbose flowers

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n e t d The most emotional moment came when the ground rose in the 19th minute to applaud the father-of-two, in a gesture timed to match the midfielder's squad number.
Transfer to bowl or electric mixer fitted with whisk Whip on high until cool, Spread meringue to about1/B-inch thickness on sheet tray lined with silicone mat Evenly sprinkle ground rose hips over meringue.
A packed house at the City Ground rose to salute their Forest heroes after thumping relegated Scunthorpe.
58pm, every Chester City supporter in the ground rose to applaud a gritty and enthusiastic performance from their team.
But his weak effort was blocked by Forde, who also smothered up Delph's follow-up effort, and the tension in the ground rose accordingly.
So he placed a hanky on the ground, stood on it and the ground rose up into a hill.
Revenue at FedEx's ground delivery unit FedEx Ground rose to $1.
It was no surprise that the ground rose as one when 'The Prince of Trinidad' ambled to the crease; spectators will always respond to greatness, particularly when it is wrapped in such elegant packaging.
The pair exchanged hugs before the striker was propelled back into the action as the ground rose to acclaim a player whose injury woes put Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the shade.
Unfortunately, this was the most impractical site from a construction point of view, since the ground rose steeply at that point.
The ride in the chute was very nice though my only complaint was that just as I reached the stage where I was daring enough to start looking around to get my bearings, the ground rose up to meet me.
Unfortunately, they were in a spot where the ground rose rapidly and they flew into a pylon which I have no doubt they did not see.
Thorpe went to his hundred with a short single and the whole ground rose to applaud the Londoner.