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a sharp uncontrollable turn made by an airplane while moving along the ground

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However, at present, the use of short-term borehole response solutions to determine fluid temperature is largely limited to a few software programs used for ground loop design.
Thomas Emlinger states, "We're excited about this new amplifier because it completely eliminates ground loop hums caused by inadequate electrical grounds and noisy sound cards.
It should be noted however that balancing ground loads may or may not yield an economically optimized system as the approach is based on minimizing ground loop length under the assumption that the ground loop is the most costly portion of the system.
This flexible, user-friendly Geothermal Bundle is comprised of both the IES and the Gaia Geothermal Ground Loop Design (GLD) software suite.
The approach taken in the development of the detailed borehole heat exchanger model is to expand the capabilities of the response factor ground loop heat exchanger model of Yavuzturk and Spitler (1999).
1978) present qualitative evidence to suggest that coupling a ground loop to a solar collector and a storage tank could improve system performance and reduce initial costs.
It should be noted however that the design practice of balancing ground loads in no way means that the system is economically optimal as the method is based on minimizing ground loop length under the assumption that the ground loop is the most costly portion of the system.
Furthermore, ground loop lengths are affected by off-peak loads because thermal storage effects occur throughout the day.
The isolated inputs protect the PC and other sensitive equipment from the voltage spikes and ground loop currents that are common to industrial environments.
Presented in accessible technical language, the whitepaper also covers: -- History of shielding -- Balanced transmissions -- Fundamentals of noise interference -- Grounding -- Cable design -- The antenna myth -- The ground loop myth
In addition, the DCH01 provides highly effective point-of-load power conversion and ground loop elimination for noise-sensitive applications.
Whitlock's session, Solving Ground Loop Problems in Video, will offer solutions on eliminating ground loops that cause hum bars in video systems, without compromising safety.
Heat is extracted from air inside the building and transferred to the biggest "heat sink" of all -- Mother Earth -- by way of the ground loop piping.
Studies of cold weather GHSP installations question the long term effect of the thermal balance in the ground loop heat exchanger.
The use of soil displacement hammers for installing geothermal ground loop up to 10-meters long was also demonstrated live.