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Synonyms for ground level

the height of the ground on which something stands


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the floor of a building that is at or nearest to the level of the ground around the building

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Of this 19 km will be at ground level, 10 km underground, and 1 km above the ground, in addition to a 0.
The project's second phase, extending to 152 km in length (47 km underground, 76 km above ground level, and 29 km on ground level) and encompassing nearly 56 stations, will be delivered by 2026.
In contrast with the sheer south elevation, the deeply carved north facade records the many geometries exerting an influence on the site, The water crosses through the body of the building and falls to a small pool at lower ground level, a gesture towards the connection between the reflecting pool and the extension of Toolo Bay envisioned in Holl's competition scheme.
Vehicular access for parking and deliveries is discreetly tucked away at lower ground level together with museum workshops, storage and mechanical plant rooms.
In contrast, on the east facade, a small crescent window allows a glimpse of the railway station and marks the juncture between orthogonal and curvilinear form as well as the change of ground level on the site.
At ground level, lighting is less mysterious and the desired effect more calculated.