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reddish brown North American marmot

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Despite being a likeable guy and a hard worker, Ground Hog was ineffective because of one fatal flaw--he was inconsequential.
The problem we will run into with groundhogs is a lot of times there will be stuff in your garden that is more enticing to the ground hog than anything you can put in the trap.
It was a ground hog The Ferret missed, not a hog you get bacon out of," Bear Breath said.
Among the most notable are the Dixie mine on Ute Creek, in the Chicago Creek mining district of Clear Creek County (famous for leaf gold and wire gold); the Ground Hog mine in the Gilman mining district in Eagle County (famous for producing thick, striated gold wires that curl and spiral as if formed by extrusion); and Farncomb Hill in the Breckenridge mining district in Summit County (famous for crystallized leaf gold and "bird's nest" masses of wire gold crystals).
Ben Sr's aesthetic was rooted in the use of local clays and woodfiring in a ground hog kiln that had been habitual at least since the early 19th century.
The never-changing cycle of drought, famine, and food delivery has become an annual event, reduced almost to the level of the emergence of Punxsutawney Phil on Ground Hog Day.
The high-performance Ground Hog clamp was designed to solve the problem of inadequate grounding of the weld arc in all types of welding applications.
The ground hog may have seen his shadow, but balmy weather persists in New England, and the arrival of Magic Hat hiPA confirms it.
These items accommodate long-range enthusiasts in stationary settings, such as prairie dog or ground hog hunters.
For those of us not fortunate enough to have the Western Wood-Pewee singing it's Lenten and spring song in our woods, we love our first sighting of that round ball of fur on the snow, which indicates the ground hog has declared spring.
On the mini-trencher side, Trench-Master is the leading supplier, followed by E-Z Trench, Ground Hog and Kwik-Trench.
This Ground Hog Day experience was endlessly repeated and, for all I know, is still going on right now.
One to mow down gophers with, except on Ground Hog Day.
I AM a corporal in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers currently experiencing Ground Hog Day in Kuwait.
In a related effort, many hospitals throughout the country participated in Ground Hog Day, a shadowing program for students interested in nursing careers.