ground glass

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glass that diffuses light due to a rough surface produced by abrasion or etching

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particulate glass made by grinding and used as an abrasive

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Part-solid nodules had the highest predictive value of cancer in both sexes, whereas solid nodules had the lowest predictive value in women and ground glass nodules had the lowest predictive value in men.
The image of used ground glass waste microstructure is presented in Fig.
In one study, thoracic CT revelaed ground glass appearance in 50.
There was a 2-mm ground glass nodule described and follow-up was recommended in the report.
From as early as the 13th century, the Venetians were producing glass pearls filled with an unlikely sounding mixture of ground glass, snail slime and egg white.
Serial level HRCT images reveal diffuse centrilobular nodular infiltrates and ground glass opacification (GGO) in both lung fields.
Many cloth and paper products scratch the delicate coatings on the lens or damage the perfectly ground glass.
rEsCuED The drug, made up of leftover cocaine scraps mixed with anything from rat poison to ground glass, sells for as little as 10p a hit.
2] as 2-h iv infusion per 12 h Day of onset 1-2 weeks after chemotherapy * Usually during the initial course * Increased risk with multiple doses Pathophysiology Increased alveolar capillary permeability Diagnosis Exercise of exclusion * Heart dysfunction * Infections * Metabolic abnormalities * Cancer-related causes Common clinical Early onset of fever symptoms Dyspnea Hypoxemia Tachypnea Cough Radiological X-ray: Confluent alveolar consolidation findings HRCT: Alveolar or interstitial opacification in lower lobes surrounded by ground glass areas and/or pleural effusions Treatment Steroids: Response rate is 65%-80% Supportive care ARA-C: cytosine arabinoside; h: hour; HRCT: high resolution computed tomography; iv: intravenous
Recycled ground glass is poured into clay moulds into which is inserted a plant stalk which burns out, leaving a hole in the bead.
An erect abdominal radiograph showed ground glass appearance without free gas under the diaphragm.
Water colours, meanwhile, came in oblong cakes that had to be rubbed down with water on a surface such as ground glass before the colour could be used.
He longs to be more than a detached observer on the sidelines of life, one who simply records visual scenes--warts and all--of humanity through the ground glass of his camera.
From a chest radiographic standpoint, linear opacities in the interstitium have a hazy ground glass appearance.
Gallium phosphide, a yellow compound resembling ground glass, has been prepared from gallium .