ground fire

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a forest fire that burns the humus

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Rare was the mission in which Brulle's aircraft did not suffer some damage caused by German ground fire from "flak wagons," special vehicles equipped with quad-antiaircraft guns that often accompanied German military convoys, German soldiers fir ing upward at the attacking P-47s, or shrapnel from exploding ammunition trucks recently attacked by the P-47s.
An Iraqi policeman in Mosul said at least one of the Black Hawks was hit by ground fire.
8 The United States military was yesterday investigating whether ground fire caused the crash in Mosul,Iraq,of two US Black Hawk helicopters,killing 17 American soldiers, the worst single loss of US life since the start of the Iraq war.
The newly designed TRT is a family of remotely controlled turrets operated by a single gunner offering self-protection and ground fire support for Light Armoured Vehicles, Mine Protected Vehicles and Infantry Combat Vehicles.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication And Laying Of Above Ground Fire Water Pipeline At Chennai Pump Station, Manali
WRIGHTWOOD - A sheriff's helicopter pilot wounded by ground fire during a wild 30-mile chase was recovering Sunday after surgery for wounds to his leg and hip, San Bernardino County authorities said.
They were matter-of-factly tending flank and back lines (see illustration, page 16) on a low-intensity ground fire they'd set earlier.
With their mastery of missile production, our expertise in radar and ground fire control will extend the capabilities and reach of LTV Missiles.
To compensate for the frontline fighters' limitations, the Air Force pressed into service old P51 Mustangs, prop-driven airplanes that had been great successes as World War II fighters but which proved vulnerable to ground fire.
EASE back on the collective, arm the Hellfires, bank into a tight turn - whoops, taking ground fire .
Moses's Corsair had been hit by enemy ground fire and lost oil pressure, and he had to ditch.
On the ground fire, rescue and medical teams were put on standby.
Previously, the deadliest incident involving US troops was the November 15, 2003, crash of two Black Hawk helicopters that collided while trying to avoid ground fire in Mosul, killing 17 soldiers and wounding five.
In a flush of questionable judgment, the pair decided to fly the German plane back to Sidi Barrani, where they managed to land successfully despite British ground fire.
Because the 51 was too vulnerable to ground fire since one rifle round in the radiator gave the pilot 5 minutes of power before the engine froze up.