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the crew of technicians and mechanics who service aircraft on the ground

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As the German air force, the Luftwaffe, attempted to gain the upper hand over the RAF, 15 additional countries began supporting the RAF's air operations by contributing aircrew and ground crew to the Battle, which ultimately led to the victory.
Later on the Chief Guest met the air & ground crew and had a group photograph with them.
In a letter to BBC's Newsnight, a British serviceman said the base was being neglected, morale was poor and ground crews had taken to eating humanitarian rations meant for Iraqis.
A spokesman for Swissport said: "Swissport is aware that a member of its ground crew was arrested on an allegation of theft and has been assisting the police with their inquiries.
They had a ground crew with them that lost the balloon in the clouds.
There also was a breakdown in communication between the ground crew and the plane captains on the aircraft (that'd be me).
All nine of the ground crew team have dragged exhibitors' wagons out of boggy fields, erected marquees and tended to every detail to ensure everything is ready to go when Coleen Nolan gets the show under way at 10am today.
All members of the ground crew are blind, and so is the pilot.
Prior to the implementation of AIRSpeed, the Marines from the power plant section focused on repairing only the discrepancy noted by the ground crew who pulled the engine from the aircraft.
The size of the ground crew points up a key difference between the Air Force and NASA life-support operations, Sokolik said.
Speaking yesterday, he added: "It can be fairly said that cuts in ground crew are killing our lads.
In addition to fashion week shows, the Ground Crew works runway shows for retailers such as Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue plus music video and catalog photo shoots.
Q MY father used to work as part of the ground crew for Lancaster bombers during the war.
The labor unions involved are those representing pilots, cabin attendants and ground crew at four ANA group airlines and the JAL Flight Crew Union as well as a union representing flight crew members at Japan Air Commuter Co.