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low-growing plants planted in deep shade or on a steep slope where turf is difficult to grow

small plants other than saplings growing on a forest floor

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Bergenia cordifolia With a bit of thought, there is a way of planting in parts of your garden that can result in both an attractive and practical solution to garden maintenance - it's called ground cover.
Or try Geranium Ann Folkard for summer ground cover - chartreuse green foliage topped with hundreds Pachysandra of deep magenta flowers will gently scramble through your borders.
Just keep in mind the height relationship between the ground cover and bulb flower so they do not get swamped.
Agricultural Research Service soil scientist Larry Zibilske, who works at the Integrated Farming and Natural Resources Research Unit in Weslaco, Texas, set out to see how these ground covers limit water penetration and affect carbon and nutrient levels in soils.
However, there are usually three to 30 ground covers that are able to adequately respond to any environmental challenge.
Ivy geraniums are widely grown as ground cover, yet they look much better and live much longer when grown on balconies where they can spill over and down, or when they are trained to grow up a low fence.
Trees and shrubs thrive in these mixed herbaceous ground covers, and once established, will not require the need for additional mulch.
In response to the trend of using ornamental grasses not just as ground covers, but also as garden specimens and sculptural elements, this guide showcases more than 100 varieties of grasses, explaining how to place and maintain them.
Some varieties are very impressive ornamentals as well as bearers of tasty berries; they do well as borders, ground covers for mounded banks, or container plants.
Some plants make handsome ground covers, Others provide nonstop bloom in beds and borders.
Soil samples were taken from 15 blueberry fields in Michigan that had a range of ground covers and tillage practices.
When planting ground covers sensitive to foot traffic, create walk- ways with mulch or stepping stones.
With the use of mulch and vigorously growing ground covers and other plants, maintenance is no more expensive and time-consuming than mowing once or twice a week.
He relates the following information about the business: (1) He is experiencing problems in collecting $12,000 in accounts receivable from one of his longtime customers, Jerry Jasmine, owner of Jasmine's Ground Covers.
International Curator's ground covers that part of the basin that was recently uplifted and exposed and Canmex' ground mostly covers adjacent parts of the basin that remain buried.