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a communication system for sending continuous radio messages to an airplane pilot who is making a ground-controlled approach to landing

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Malaysian officials said earlier that those words came after one of the jetliner's data communications systems -- the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System -- had been switched off, suggesting the voice from the cockpit may have been trying to deceive ground controllers.
Over the coming days ground controllers will command the rover's arm to carry out steps to process the sample.
It then began activation procedures and started to communicated with ground controllers where it will begin observing from space.
The AHM system, selected last year by Air China for its 117 in-service and on-order 737NGs, allows the carrier to gather and evaluate in-flight flying condition data, relaying the data to ground controllers.
It enables Air China to gather and evaluate critical real-time in-flight flying condition data, relaying information to ground controllers and allowing the airline to better plan and perform repairs, Boeing said.
While carrying out the repairs, Wheelock struggled to free an unyielding quick-disconnect fitting on one ammonia line feeding the failed system, before ground controllers told him to move on to the other lines.
When the sun obscures the Earth's view of Mars, it prevents any possibility of ground controllers making contact with astronauts.
Ground controllers lost contact with the Twin Otter as it flew over the densely-forested and mountainous region.
The Airbus lost contact with ground controllers after leaving Rio de Janeiro for Paris on Sunday night.
Hubble's trouble began on 27 September when the telescope's control unit and science data formatter suddenly suffered a "hard" failure, preventing ground controllers from receiving data from the science instruments.
A new version of ROVER that will soon be deployed is expected to be compatible with other aircraft and also allow interaction between ground controllers (who identify targets) and close-air support pilots.
There were about 14 aircraft awaiting departure and the control tower just couldn't cope with all the aircraft being handed over from ground controllers.
Soon after it reached orbit, ground controllers lost the ability to control it and soon all communication was lost.
The real work was done by the ground controller, who passed instructions on to the pilot via radio, meaning that the intense training for a blind landing was restricted to a few ground controllers, freeing the pilots to follow their own work without any additional burden.
It said a problem could, for example, be relayed to ground controllers, giving the airline the visibility needed to address the repair and minimise or remove scheduling difficulties for passengers.