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a communication system for sending continuous radio messages to an airplane pilot who is making a ground-controlled approach to landing

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The ground controller was an inexperienced trainee, which contributed to the communications issues.
5: (x3) These are handheld systems--essentially ruggedized PDA units--that can be used to view video, view maps, send text messages, and conduct voice communications with the addition of a head set and ground controller.
This was a key factor in the fundamental shift of control from the cockpit to a ground controller.
Because the pilot switched frequency right away, it created a situation where the ground controller was confused," Gregor said.
The satellite aligns itself directly above numerical coordinates on a map that a ground controller specifies.
Early one morning I overheard this interchange between the ground controller and one of the Chinese students.
And, according to an air force ground controller, the "echo" on the radar vanished when the planes arrived but returned when the F-16s left.
But the ground controller of theworld famous RAF aerobatics team told them to hold off after Mr Gatson's warning.
The tower controller noted that the Airbus A320 was going too fast to hold short of 9L and told the ground controller to tell it to stop.
The airfield manager quietly admitted the real "rub" was that the ground controller had issued "traffic" on a taxiing airplane that clearly was in view to him.
Yesterday, Mrs Hull made a direct appeal to US president George Bush to help the coroner's inquiry by producing 11 censored lines of an interview between a ground controller and one of the pilots.
An irate female ground controller screamed at the US Air crew: "US Air 2771, where the hell are you going?
For the first time, a forward ground controller, with the call sign of "Antidote," located on the ground near Baghdad, was invited "into" the cockpit of the aircraft via the Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver (ROVER) system.
Zephyr flies slowly and above weather systems, loitering over a selected area under the close guidance of a ground controller to perform its mission.
The team, consisting of the six members of the shuttle crew, their trainer, and their ground controller, had taken part in the last mission flown by the Atlantis shuttle.