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As part of Summer Camp, campers have picked and taken home basil, tomatoes and ground cherries.
One local gardener told me she mixes her ground cherries half and half with pears or apples for both pies and sauces.
It's been reported that ground cherries can be dried in sugar and used like raisins.
Generally, ground cherries can be grown wherever tomatoes do well.
Another clue to their nature is that ground cherries have an affinity for new and recently cleared land, and places like corn fields after cultivation has ceased.
Like tomatoes, ground cherries will probably benefit from black plastic mulch in the spring and early summer to warm the soil; a cooling organic mulch later in the summer to retain moisture; and a side dressing of fertilizer about the time of flowering.
Here in Iowa, the first ground cherries are ready about the time of oat harvest in July.
Ground cherries can be grown rather casually, and probably often are.
Yet this same woman had enough ground cherries left over - after three pickings - to sell three quarts of them.