ground beetle

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predacious shining black or metallic terrestrial beetle that destroys many injurious insects

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Other researchers had observed that another species of ground beetle is extremely wary of crossing roads.
Ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) diversity, activity density, and community structure in a diversified agroecosystem.
Several ground beetle species are phytophagous and feed on the seeds of troublesome weeds species including common ragweed, common lamb's quarters and giant foxtail (Lundgren, 2005) and thus help to regulate weed populations; their weed predation is largely under estimated (Liebman and Gallandt, 1997; Tooley and Brust, 2002).
Washington, August 14 (ANI): In a new research, scientists have found that ground beetles produce orange scented aromas as predator repellents.
Influence of tillage management and cropping system on ground beetle fauna in the northern Great Plains.
One species that we hypothesize has benefitted from this new chemistry is the ground beetle Leptotrachelus dorsalis (F.
THE COMPLETE LIST OF DECLINING SPECIES IN WALES Freshwater pearl mussel Red squirrel Crucifix ground beetle Skylark Water vole Fan mussel White-clawed freshwater crayfish Dune gentian (flower) Juniper Fern orchid Minutest diving beetle Pearl-bordered fritillary (butterfly) Linnet Southern damselfly (dragonfly) Common skate Zircon reed beetle Pink sea fan (jellyfish) Marsh fritillary (butterfly) Narrow-bordered bee hawk-moth Belted beauty (moth) Barred green colonel (fly) Native oyster Grey partridge Argent and sable (moth) Roseate tern (seabird) Great Crested newt Sword grass
In a study designed to investigate the potential impact of Bt corn on ground beetle species composition, French's colleague Mike Ellsbury, also an ARS entomologist, set up 105 pitfall traps, each one a single plastic cup, or pit, for beetles to fall into.
She has discovered a number of ground beetle creatures, very rare to the UK, at organic and non-organic locations in the county and along the coastal path.
Scientists found the ground beetle and a weevil, both unseen in Britain since the 20s, on a 50-acre brownfield plot scheduled for a business park.
The Violet ground beetle will bite, if someone grabs hold of it, and puncture the skin.
The Violet Ground Beetle will bite if someone grabs hold of it and this has the capability of penetrating the skin.
Within the ground beetle family, a few eat seeds, a few concentrate near water, and some readily climb trees and consume arboreal insects, including aphids and forest tent caterpillars.