ground beetle

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predacious shining black or metallic terrestrial beetle that destroys many injurious insects

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Objectives: To reduce the risk of extinction of Olympia%s ground beetle through habitat restoration;
Habitats and management associated with common ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in a Michigan agricultural landscape.
Ground beetles (Carabidae) and rove beetles (Staphylinidae) include important ground dwelling predator species that can contribute to the natural control of pests, and are strongly influenced by environmental conditions (Pfiffner & Luka 2000; Holland 2002).
In the Brookings laboratory, Lundgren and colleagues offered hungry predators (from formidable ground beetles to wolf spiders to ants) a smorgasbord of rootworm larvae and pupae.
And over at Liverpool's World Museum, visitors can get up close to birds of prey, tarantulas, scorpions and Indian Ground Beetles which squirt skin-corroding acid.
While the total number of arthropods was not significantly different between liquids, the number of spiders, springtails and dipterans, and the number of ground beetle genera showed significant treatment effects (Table 1).
The present distributions of the Tooth Cave spider (Neoleptoneta myopica), the Tooth Cave pseudoscorpion (Tartarocreagris texana), and the Tooth Cave ground beetle (Rhadine persephone) are confined to Williamson and Travis Counties in central Texas (Figure 1).
The Buttercup Creek HCP, for example, was developed for the protection of the Tooth Cave ground beetle.
Until one was discovered in Dartmoor in 1994, the blue ground beetle was thought to have been nonexistent in Britain.
The big ground beetle, Broscus cephalotes, is now confined to fore-dunes having previously been found throughout the dune system.
As an example of beneficial bugs, consider the ground beetle, family Carabidae, all 2,500 species.
LIVERPOOL'SWorld Museum is the first place in the world to breed an Indian ground beetle in captivity.
These researchers turned their attention to the ground beetle Carabus violaceus.