ground bass

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a short melody in the bass that is constantly repeated

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It has harmonic clarity with ground bass and minor thirds never far away, and Mozartian humanity combining buffo humour with darker emotions.
The ground bass (a recurring cyclical pattern underpinning whatever is going on above) was over-present in these offerings, and it came as a welcome relief when Stefano Montanari's excellent Accademia Bizantina, in their final purely instrumental contribution, turned to the fugal textures of Purcell's Sonata in G major.
Using a range of instruments, I introduce ground bass, a popular Baroque musical technique, and demonstrate its use within the concerto.
Here, the pianist delivered Chopin as Satie, establishing a mesmerizing looping of ground bass, above which a jet stream runs across an expansive sky.
And since he dwells so much on Berkeley's relation to others, why not compare the twelve-tone ground bass in the Aria with Stravinsky's serial passacaglia from the Septet, written just two years before?