ground bait

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bait scattered on the water to attract fish

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I hurled in a load of ground bait, hoping to attract the fish.
Bait: Yellow and Pink PowerBait Eggs with worm and Magic Dust mixed with Red Krill ground bait liquid attractant in a swimfeeder, Mepps spinners.
Pink Powerbait Eggs with worm, Magic Dust mixed with Red Krill ground bait and Hemp in a feeder were the best baits.
A ground bait feeder, maggot and worm attack is generally best, however the more recent inclusion of the 'method feeder' to the armoury has seen some excellent catches taken on the dam.
After 'going through the card' with a variety of methods that only brought a few tiny perch, Dave decided to sit out the last couple of hours on a small ground bait feeder fished three quarters of the way across with worm and caster hook bait.
It was Smith's first trip to the pounds 4 day ticket venue which has a history of yielding big eels and he baited his swim with halibut pellet ground bait laced with chopped roach, dead maggots and chopped worms.
As fish are not so active during winter they need less food, so we had to be careful not to fill them up with large helpings of ground bait and hook bait.
Demonstrations will be given on ground bait mixing, boillie making and the use of additives.
Contract award: highlighting contractor ground bait spraying to combat olive fruit fly in the regional section eastern attica.
There is only one method - ground bait feeder, maggot and worm.
Then things went quiet and I thought a big fish might have moved in over the ground bait.
Contract notice: Vepanaliptikos public open tender for the appointment of contractors for ground bait spray trees within the project collective anti olive fly year 2014 the municipality apokoronos regional unit of chania
By utilising ground bait feeder with caster and worm, he caught a fantastic 113lb of bream to easily win the match.
Swimfeeder maggots mixed with ground bait and worm accounted for most of the fish landed by bait anglers.
Some skimmers are showing off the ``sunshine'' pegs facing the boathouse and they are being caught on ground bait swim feeder tackle and maggot.