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I think there is something endearing about desperation and hopelessness-- former model Melinda MessengerHer hair looks like it has been dropped in cow dung - description of Coronation Street star Tracey Shaw from a list of the world's worst-dressed people compiled for a forthcoming BBCTV show called What Not To WearIf you have to ask how to be sexy after 40, you probably can't do it - Actress Bebe Neuwirth, star of the US TV hit CheersI have never found the Victor Meldrew comedy remotely funny because I have seen too many real women struggling to live with joyless grouches and having their lives wrecked in the process - Commentator Libby Purves on TV comedy One Foot In The Grave
WITH deference to the team of Edinburgh researchers who discovered why men become bad-tempered grouches by studying testosterone levels in rams, I could have told them all this within a matter of months of getting my own small herd of Angora goats.
Grouches are little guys who sneak up on you when you stay up too late or when you do not eat right.
If those bad-news weren't such grouches, he suggests, everyone would be happier.
It features a singing and dancing cast of cookie-loving Monsters, counting Counts, grouchy Grouches, big yellow Birds, and friendly monsters of all shapes, sizes and colors.