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As with landfill sites, ugly flat-building developments and hostels for substance misusers, the location of child sex abusers would form a rallying cause among the chattering classes displacing the issue, as ever, onto our grottiest estates.
THESE were the busiest of the toilets, but among the grottiest.
The problem is that even in the grottiest American truck stop, the waiting staff will be falling over themselves to serve you.
Tony Clack - a 58-year-old postman in Oxford - says he only managed to buy his former council house in "one of the grottiest streets" in Abingdon eight years ago.
Ten of the city's grottiest areas are due to get the full spring clean thanks to an army of more than 1,000 volunteers, including hundreds of schoolchildren.
So endearing is she, Maureen could probably convince a hardened cynic that the grottiest suburb in the least appealing town in Britain was a great place to visit.
But it is difficult to see how the threat of a huge financial penalty will have any great impact on the poorest of families, often surviving on benefit in sub-standard accommodation on the grottiest housing estates.
When she first got married she lived in a one-bedroomed flat in the grottiest part of London.
But the grottiest grime was old bits of fishing bait on his fingers.
The beauty of it is that art lovers are so different and individual that they will be going everywhere, from the darkest grottiest loo in a Liverpool club to possibly the most prestigious launch party or awards ceremony in Hollywood.
But even the grottiest place would cost pounds 125,000, which we could not possibly afford.
In those days, all we could afford to get us there was a ticket on what must have been the grottiest coach on the continent.
We visited places of breathtaking beauty, but to get to them we stayed in some of the grottiest, noisiest and most exciting cities I have ever visited.
Alexis has made the grottiest room in the house absolutely gorgeous.
Prince Charles is to be shown around one of Scotland's grottiest graveyards.