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Synonyms for grotesquery

ludicrous or incongruous unnaturalness or distortion

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Across the Atlantic from Cubism's beginning, at century's end, hip-hop re-circulates the fantasy, giving sonic urgency to the grotesquery.
40) Being generated by the sun in dead dogs mirrors this grotesquery, albeit this corporeal depiction is by far not the merry procreation usual to carnival.
Dumb shows may partake in the grotesquery of the clown, and ape his nonconformist and buffoonish modus operandi, his license to "buzz" about the stage (2.
Dancers dangling from menacing meat hooks--when not making creepy throat-slicing gestures--became a tableau of grotesquery, with Vandekeybus, in the coda as a snorting, ground-pawing horse, pranced before settling down to sleep.
Choi (1997: 349) identifies this term as a "space of crisis which is pregnant with morbid grotesquery.
To create a trope for irony and tragedy: the bridge as grand, sublime architecture set against the grotesquery of the suicidal leaps?
The French press adulated Baker's "primitive" beauty, obsessed about the darkness of her skin, and exclaimed about the grotesquery of her body and her dancing (Sweeney 56-61; Dalton and Gates 913-18).
Faulkner, however, like Melville, turns the Southern scene from grotesquery to tragedy (and sometimes farce) by a post-Puritan critique of signification not unlike Melville's.
It continues in the work of a younger transatlantic generation of poets, where the grotesquery of stand-up comedy is extended into a new surrealist honesty.
From practically the start of this career Smolka has been repeating similar structural and emotional schemata, which work very well: various shades of melancholy and nostalgia alternating in very striking contrast with thunderous, cracked and husky grotesquery (often as a kind of echo of the first), everything many times repeated and many times returning in reprise.
I begin with "Fiction" because it drips with Faulkneresque grotesquery.
The incestuousness of the family, a grotesquery that further imbeds Van Niekerk's reformulation of traditional Gothic symbolism, functions as a dark parody of the Afrikaner dream of keeping white bloodlines from mingling with those of the supposedly inferior races.
The function of the appearance of the word eyes as the subject in body-action middles seems to be at least in part to draw attention to the grotesquery of the body itself, as in (2.
ON SCREEN, he has been buried under piles of latex (see: ``Spawn''), dwarfed into comic grotesquery (``Moulin Rouge'') or embodied via a motor-mouthed animated sloth (``Ice Age'').