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a small cave (usually with attractive features)


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Grot (above) gets another chance to win over the critics in tomorrow's FA Cup third-round tie at League 2 Newport.
Grot also contains a single almond which, if it ends up in your mouth, means you either: a.
Also, in those days the serfs had to compete for tenancies on royal lands controlled by the NDT, the most feared of whom was the villainous Baron von Grot.
GROT spots in Warwickshire are to be blitzed as part of a month-long project to keep Britain tidy.
German chemist Grot helped develop the first commercial product made from perfluorinated ionomer.
Who on TV worked for Sunshine Desserts before forming the Grot empire?
Sy kom tot stilstand voor 'n olieverf met 'n grot daarop uitgebeeld.
Spot the Grot, Stop the Rot says that levels of graffiti, litter, anti- social behaviour orders, vacant properties, voter turnout, standards of local shops, property prices and standards of health and education must be monitored.
Although our findings are very new and much research would be required before any commercial introduction, our team has demonstrated a new and novel process that significantly increases the efficiency of generating hydrogen as compared to conventional water electrolysis," said Ion Power president and founder Stephen Grot.
Eventually, he sets up a successful company, Grot, which sells rubbish, and later founds a commune.
The scene is the glamorously squalid council flat (the grot and grunge have a glossy, hyperreal feel) where Renton and his pals cook up and inject.
The only book on this important polymer group, written by Walther Grot, the inventor of the leading fluorinated ionomer, Nafion?
WIRRAL'S grot spots are set to be given a spruce-up - with graffiti created by Wallasey youngsters.
Phil Goldblatt, a liaison officer, from Monkseaton, said: "We take a keen interest in the cycle route, monitoring signs and cleaning any grot spots we find.
But while I don't wish to add another dollop of meaningless grot about the conduct of United and City fans on Sunday to the mountain that has already been produced, it is surely true to say that the lesson from Old Trafford is that the minute's silence knocks the minute's applause into a cocked hat.