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And despite its size - it's around five metres long - there's no feeling of grossness.
As an oft-reprinted review from 1832 observed, "She is a Fielding without his grossness.
Midler said that one can be as creative and inventive as they want to be but there is a certain grossness in whipping women in a music video, which is not flattering at all.
He who could penetrate the interior of Africa, might not improbably discover negro arts and polity, which could bear little analogy to the ignorance and grossness of slaves in the sugar islands, expatriated in their infancy and brutalised under the whip and the task master": Letters of the Late Ignatius Sancho--published in 1738
Then I recalled the emailing mass's coarse euphemisms, their inability to communicate verbally without the same grossness.
As the tides shift at home, good to see western media also getting wiser to the drama, and reporting on the grossness of this entire approach.
He lists dogged adherence to outdated theoretical models; disparagement of academia; appeal to academic authority; huge claims; selective and/or distorted presentation; selection of evidence from a wide range of different fields; vague definitions; superficiality, sloppiness and grossness of comparison; obsession with the esoteric; expectation of a reward for the reader at the quest's end; and a range of presentations involving fallacies in logic, argument and uses of evidence.
Bearing the warmth of an old fashioned TV sitcom, All in Good Time treats sex in an important but innocent way - far removed from the grossness of American Pie: Reunion.
Danny Katz and Mitch Vane have previously worked together delivering books which may horrify parents with their grossness and frankness but which children love for the same reason.
Gladstone himself later described his speech as "a mistake, but one of incredible grossness," and ascribed it to his inability to hold several sides of a question in
It reminds me of graffiti on the wall of a vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne: "eat meat ya bastards", which expresses the grossness of meat indulgence.
The grossness of the stereotyping and the viciousness of the attack make the film almost painful to watch.
I love grossness, but grossness with an eye for sophistication.
But despite the grossness, and this is puke-in-your-knickers-in-the-pubtoilet-then-realise-you're-going-tohave-to-pull-t em-up gross, it got me thinking in a way no other TV show has this year.
HRH the Premier: Despite grossness of past events, we dealt courteously in accordance with international standards.