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a United States unit of weight equivalent to 2000 pounds

a British unit of weight equivalent to 2240 pounds

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At 227,700 gross tons it will be slightly larger than its sisters so when it is launched in summer 2016 it can be the undisputed holder of the title of largest cruise ship in the world.
Meyer Werft delivered Norwegian Breakaway, the first of Norwegian's two new 146,600 gross ton, 4,000-passenger Breakaway class vessels on April 25, 2013; and will deliver Norwegian Getaway, in mid-January 2014.
At 151,400 gross tons, QM2 is the largest ocean liner built and could fit Britannia inside her dining room.
Sorlandet, measuring 210 feet and 577 gross tons, is the oldest operative full-rigged ship in the world and was launched in 1927 at a shipyard in Kristiansand.
The communications ministry said the operating licenses of 1,066 foreign ships totaling 1,458,096 gross tons to serve public transport in the country will be reviewed.
She took 190 passengers, was 894 gross tons, had an overall length of 67.
Singapore looks set to retain its position as the world's busiest port in terms of the total size of ships that call, as the number has topped a record-breaking 1 billion gross tons, Transport Minister Yeo Cheow Tong said Tuesday.
In contrast, the quietly elegant QE2, which was launched in 1969, is only 963 feet long and weighs 70,000 gross tons.
Singapore achieved a new record of 986 million gross tons for shipping tonnage handled by its main port last year, leaving it poised to retain its position as the world's busiest port, the government said Thursday.
The diversion of 314 gross tons of soft debris and 84 tons of metal saved us $15,468 in tracking and landfill disposal fees," says Palin.
and as of February 2000 had a total entered tonnage of about 9 million gross tons.
It was enormous: 280 feet long and 2,600 gross tons, four times the size of a large trawler.
The former are less than 100 gross tons in size and certified with: coastwise routes; ocean routes; lakes, bays, and sounds routes; and Great Lakes/river routes.
Shipments of ferrous material were 81,050 gross tons in 2008, versus 81,947 gross tons during full-year 2007.