gross profit margin

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(finance) the net sales minus the cost of goods and services sold

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Gross profit margins are split in order to distinguish between gross profit margin before unutilized capacity costs (which is the normal gross profit margin that the company would expect to achieve while operating at optimum capacity) and total gross profit margin.
As for the fourth quarter and due to soaring sales of Apple products, Cheng Uei is expected to witness growth in revenues, profits, and gross profit margin.
The fashion brands businesses, Spitz and Indigo, achieved solid volume growth and also realised strong gross profit margins supported by favourable mix changes and import exchange rates.
The higher the gross profit MARGIN, the larger the stream.
Wang, chief financial officer of Ability, predicted that, with the EU debt crisis and peak season in the third quarter, revenues in the second half will equal to that in the first, with gross profit margin in the second half to be lower than the first.
The company is planning to increase gross profit margin by around 24 percent to 400 basis points in fiscal 2011.
Our gross profit margin decline was due to a change in our mix of business from higher-margin, transactional opportunities to more contractual intermodal business, and also increased cost of capacity in certain lanes.
Because of price competition, Goldsun currently saw gross profit margin slip to 5.
Deals 10, China Activity 1, Financial Notes 1, Financial Review 34, Companies own brand name 1, Products 30, Gross Profit Margin 2, Shipments 14, Shareholders 1, Investments or Acquisitions 2.
Nevertheless, Hon Hai still saw consolidated gross profit margin drop a percentage point in the first three quarters of this year from 9.
Taipei, March 15, 2010 (CENS)--Lacking workers and rising key-component prices will likely cut gross profit margin by 1% to 2% for Taiwan's leading manufacturers of digital still cameras (DSCs) this year, including Ability Enterprise Co.
The increase in our Transportation gross profit margin in the fourth quarter is due to an increase in our truck transportation gross profit margins and to a change in the mix of services that make up this business line.
Deals 10, China Activity 2 , General Notes 2 , Financial Notes 1 , Financial Review 11 , Companies own brand name 1 , Products 23 , Gross Profit Margin 3 , Shipments 5 , Shareholders 1 , Investments or Acquisitions 1 , Distributor 1 , Name brands company makes 3 , Popularity Rank 2 , Product Mix 3