gross national product

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former measure of the United States economy

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7 percent of the gross national product by 2015; indeed, the Germans said they could meet the goal by 2014.
But in spite of our relative generosity, overseas aid amounts to less than half a percent of our gross national product.
You tell me the average mid-arm circumference of children growing up in a developing country, and I'll tell you the gross national product of the country they live in," boasts one growth specialist.
and at its true costs to the environment, to our children, and to our Gross National Product.
Eliminating K-12 advanced math, and reducing the science curriculum to a ungraded elective, would greatly enhance our educational systems - with no effect on our gross national product, our work force skills and salaries, or our nation's technological supremacy.
7 percent of their gross national product to official development assistance through the United Nations.
Our national debt is nearly the same as our gross national product and the Government has the nerve to chastise us for having a debt culture.
Yesterday's Quarterly National Accounts showed Gross Domestic Product and Gross National Product grew by 1.
Turkey's gross national product is 800 billion USD, he said, adding that the gross national product of the U.
The unified EC market will include more than 320 million people and have a gross national product of over $4 trillion; if sales by subsidiaries are considered, bilateral trade with the United States will be worth over $1 trillion annually.
31 billion in total direct spending in 2004, making it the 29th largest contributor to the US gross national product
7 per cent of the country's gross national product on overseas aid by the end of 2007.
He noted that, in 2001, California's seaports, led by the adjacent ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, contributed $57 billion to the gross national product and $10 billion in taxes and fees to the U.
During a period of economic uncertainty, MCI has put that much income -- which is approximately twice the Gross National Product of Liechtenstein and enough to purchase 30 million sports cars -- back into the pockets of its customers by continuing to provide substantial savings over AT&T.
Health-care spending this year will swallow 14 percent of gross national product, and business spending on health care now exceeds corporate after-tax profits.
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