gross margin

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the ratio gross profits divided by net sales

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2010-2015 Japan Rail Cost Price Production Value Gross Margin Analysis
The reason for the huge gross margin this time last year is simple, or at least according to independent (http://www.
The gross margin is the value of sales less the direct cost of sales.
HPT's solution builds on a platform of Carrier Invoice Management and Reconciliation, Gross Margin Management, Contract and Tariff Management and Cost-Effective Infrastructures for Call Processing and Reporting.
Many companies do not fully understand or utilize the powerful leverage of a system like MarginMax, which focuses on gross margin as the leverage point and integrates all the key drivers of gross margin into a comprehensive improvement program that aligns from strategy to daily execution.
was due principally to competitive pricing pressures in the staffing industry and a historically lower average gross margin percentage from recently acquired TRS staffing business,'' according to the report.
But looking at gross margins in the third quarter shows that the key players in the channel headed into the fourth quarter with stronger margins.
Subsidiaries of Foreign Companies before the Oversight Sub-Committee of the Ways and Means Committee, July 10, 1990 (testimony indicating that while some foreign controlled companies have adequate gross margins, they have excessive "below the line" expenses that require adjustments to the gross margin to reach appropriate levels of net profitability).
a) Gross margin percent of sales is calculated as a percentage of related sales.
Additionally, we believe that gross margins will be in the top half of the range of 15% to 17% that we had previously forecasted," he continued.
Product brand, revenue, gross margin, sales outlets, development strategies, etc.
Highlights for the fourth quarter of 2007 included: -- Gross margin for the Company's natural gas transmission operation, Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company ("Eastern Shore"), increased by approximately $500,000 over the fourth quarter 2006 due to the implementation of additional firm transportation services in November of 2006 and 2007.
QPC reported a gross profit in this period of $308,000, for a 17 percent gross margin, as increased operating efficiencies and revenues drove gross margins higher.
The natural gas transmission operation achieved gross margin growth of 9 percent due to additional transportation capacity contracts that went into effect in November 2004.
Highlights from the third quarter include a significant increase in both revenue and gross margin," said Steven Strasser, Power Efficiency's Chairman and CEO.