gross anatomy

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the study of the structure of the body and its parts without the use of a microscope

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As plastination science gradually enters the domain as an additional resource in departments of anatomy in medical colleges, teachers in anatomy are yet again provided with another vista for exploring their teaching and research skills in the various aspects of anthropology, developmental anatomy, gross anatomy and other comparative studies, which this technique would stimulate.
During gross anatomy dissection, exposure to formaldehyde vapors and contact with formalin can cause adverse effects.
But now I have the stress of knowing he's often up till five, in his teeny, chilly digs, revising Gross Anatomy or Endocrinology or something, and Will He Overdo It And Make Himself Ill?
This book begins its exploration of the human body by examining the principles of gross anatomy.
The core of the program consists of four five-semester-hour courses: human gross anatomy, human neuroanatomy, medical physiology, and histology.
The scope of the journal will encompass all levels of anatomical education, including undergraduate, allied health, medical, dental, graduate and post-graduate, and will cover all related disciplines such as gross anatomy, embryology, histology and neuroscience.
My first palpable encounter with the literal heart, early in medical school, in gross anatomy lab, showed me just how resistant such infections can be.
These factors relate to both the morphology of the vertebral segments and to the gross anatomy of the adjacent tissues (Cornwall & Mercer 2004).
Also, Guy and Frisby (1992) found that the performance of pre-nursing and allied-health college students in a gross anatomy course did not differ significantly when using an interactive videodisc computer lab as compared to a traditional demonstration lab.
The University of Wisconsin Medical School presents Gross Anatomy http://www.
For here is a grown man spending workdays immersed in bodily functions and gross anatomy.
The Los Angeles Superior Court has issued a temporary restraining order indicating that the bodies already being used in UCLA's gross anatomy lab will be stored, accounted for, and not disposed of pending further actions by the court.
For example, the anatomy of acupuncture could be taught as part of gross anatomy, or dietary supplements could be part of pharmacology courses.
He got into arguments with one or two other students; he performed perfunctorily in his dissection team or failed to show up for gross anatomy altogether.