gross anatomy

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the study of the structure of the body and its parts without the use of a microscope

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Providing floorings and providings aluminium partition to gross anatomy lab, College of veterinary science tirupthi
While 28 female students opted for the anatomy models for learning gross anatomy with the accumulative score of 2328.
Hence we recommend better control exhaust system in the gross anatomy, histology, histopathology labs and mortuary, use of effective ventilation system and personal protective equipments, and regular monitoring of formaldehyde levels in environment to minimize and prevent health ill effects of formaldehyde exposure.
Gross anatomy of the nasal cavity in sheep (Ovis aries).
On the other hand, research work on gross anatomy or morphometry of the reproductive organs in local male goats from Pakistan is very rare from existing literature.
Among the topics are a practical guide to shoulder magnetic resonance imaging, glenohumeral joint and capsular gross anatomy, shoulder impingement syndrome, glenohumeral joint instability, and shoulder-related pathology including paralabral cysts and biceps tendon.
It is equivalent to the visceral peritoneum described in gross anatomy.
Online Guided Gross Anatomy Dissector is a photographic and multimedia resource that provides step-by-step instruction on the efficient dissection of human cadavers.
On the right side extra-hilar (aberrant) renal arteries combined with complex branching pattern of renal arteries was observed in a 40 years old male cadaver, detected during dissection performed in routine gross anatomy course.
The series, which will conclude with a volume on orangutans, is designed to help establish the comparative phylogenetic and evolutionary context for understanding the evolutionary history of the gross anatomy of modern humans and their closest relatives.