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flesh of a saltwater fish similar to sea bass

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gouldii than the morphologically and ecologically similar congeneric eastern blue groper (Achoerodus viridis) is reflected in a greater maximum age and greater sizes and ages at which females become mature and later change sex.
The groper has nobody to blame but himself if we never hear him again on the radio.
Kelley will also collaborate with the Vice Presidents of Sales, Brad Groper (Wine) and Jay Harkins (Spirits), to oversee the DSWE distribution network in six states as he assumes the role of Southeast Regional Manager.
A NIGHTCLUB groper could face a prison sentence after he admitted sexually assaulting five women on the same night in a Teesside venue.
Walford cabbie Charlie Slater has been branded a groper - just like Homer in remarkably similar scenes 14 years ago.
Although he denied being a serial groper, Schwarzenegger (below) admitted there was "no smoke without fire" and started an anti-harassment course.
The confession came as he tried to fight back against claims that he praised Hitler and was a serial groper.
Lloyd George slept with practically anyone, Asquith was, according to a recent biography, a notorious groper.
Using computerized data for health care is not new, but the Oacis system goes much further, because it offers care givers a more complete picture," said Groper.
One will assess demersal scalefish stocks along WA s south coast, focusing on the indicator species bight redfish, pink snapper, blue groper and blue morwong.
A GROPER who continues to deny his actions has been placed on the sex offenders' register for seven years.
Consistent education about our producers and their products is essential in creating a strong identity and sales success in this highly competitive US Market," says Bradley Groper VP of Sales for DSWE Imports.
I am a decent family man, married for 24 years with six children, then I was labelled a groper.
TASHA is delighted when she wins the local beauty pageant and takes the unflattering title of Miss Groper.