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Synonyms for grooving

the cutting of spiral grooves on the inside of the barrel of a firearm


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As grooving is predominately a "forming" operation, tool pressure and chip build-up can be minimized by the automatic relief move built into this routine.
Grooving provides knuckles of high pressure, thought to aid in the transfer of water from the sheet to the felt under the action of the pressure in the nip.
Most popular grooved patterns can be accurately reproduced, and lineal grooving speeds to 40 inches per minute are possible, ac-cording to the literature.
The simplest mechanism for ensuring a high friction between the polymer and the barrel surface is grooving its surface in the axial direction.
New evidence of grooving in the teeth of human ancestors, reported in the August-October CURRENT ANTHROPOLOGY, supports the cultural explanation.
Pink Sheets:PMRS) announces that Auto "V" Grooving, Inc.
Tenders are invited for 1)(Blade Type , Left Hand Face Grooving Tool For Dia.
Kennametal's new A4 turning and grooving system features a unique clamping system that enables it to perform grooving and side turning in either direction as well as cutoff operations.