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But the grooviest stool of all comes from Habitat this year and it harks right back to 1968.
Evil's Underground Lair, and a reduced gravity Moon level, Austin Powers: Mojo Rally will also feature over 70 minutes of the grooviest soundtrack ever to grace a Dreamcast as well as graphics that are stunning and breathtaking with 640 by 480 pixel resolution that will fully exploit the psychedelic.
The mysterious cult of Frederic Malle draws followers from the grooviest and most sophisticated nooks and crannies of art, movies and fashion.
Never the grooviest of philosopher, Jacques Derrida nevertheless sticks close to a blueprint later mined to excess by Prince.
It's one of the grooviest events of the year, and you could be there for free.
Once hailed by Harpers & Queen as one of the country's grooviest "life- enhancers" and photographed last year by David Bailey for a moody style magazine spread, he is the embodiment of Cool Britannia.
Collectively Stretch Limo and his four dancers are known as Boogie Express and every Saturday they drive up from Newcastle to host this grooviest of nights.
Leon Phelps (Tim Meadows) is the grooviest, smooth talking, woman-chaser around.
Over Father's Day Weekend, duct tape enthusiasts and festivalgoers will be treated to the grooviest retro rewind of the year - complete with far-out fashions, sculptures and festival fare.
wine by looking for the grooviest label (yes, so do we), then wonder why the bottles other people bring round always taste better than yours (ditto), it's time to read Red Wine and White Wine, both by Jonathan Ray (pounds 8.
Colleagues like Sir Bert Millichip (84) and Jack Wiseman (81) will no doubt be startled to hear he was once hailed by Harpers & Queen as one of Britain's grooviest "life-enhancers".
If you're going for gold, then complete the look with the season's grooviest make-up.
JOE'S big break came after he was named one of Scotland's grooviest new talents.