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a device that makes grooves by cutting or punching

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The Prestige adjustable dado groover set consists of seven laser-cut hardened steel cutters coated in Amana's new Electro Blu[TM] eco-friendly non-stick coating.
This is a timely expansion for Devall, as there will always be a need to help entrepreneurs and corporations fund their efforts so that they can thrive in the marketplace," says Robert Groover.
Kyocera's OTM API Ring Groover is designed to advance productivity in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, where the quality and reliability of ring-joint gasket sealing in flanged pipe connections has a significant influence on costs, profitability, safety and environmental protection.
Groover, "Develop it all, sure but do so ethically and responsibly.
Groover brings more than 20 years of experience to the daily operations of HealthTrans.
Kathleen Groover joined McKesson BioServices in 1987, and is well suited for her new position after spending 13 years as McKesson BioServices' principal investigator to the National Cancer Institute Chemotherapeutic Agents Repository (CAR).
Set the stitching groover guide to a scant 1/4" and install the creasing blade.
amp;nbsp;The event even attracted celebrity cook Paula Deen's husband Michael Groover who participated in the contest for the sixth time.
com has been approved as an authorized distributor of the industry leading PACE Roll Groover machines specializing in the 1039 Mini-Mite[TM] Portable Roll Groover available in five configurations.
10cc's Rubber Bullets was on the rise, as were the The Hotshots with Snoopy Versus The Red Baron, Paul McCartney's Wings with Live And Let Die, and T Rex with Groover.
com or Zach Groover at Powers Taylor, LLP, toll free (877) 728-9607, via e-mail at zach@powerstaylor.
This long-planned exhibition, titled "Formalism Is Everything," became a memorial to Jan Groover after she died on New Year's weekend, at the age of sixty-eight.
Another quick way to check spindle alignment is to take the center groover from the pattern side and run a test cut in a piece of wood.
Speaking at Macmillan Cancer Support's World's Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday, she told me: "everyone is writing him off early but i've heard he's a groover.