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Synonyms for groom

Synonyms for groom

to make neat and trim; make presentable

Synonyms for groom

a man participant in his own marriage ceremony

someone employed in a stable to take care of the horses

a man who has recently been married


Related Words

educate for a future role or function

References in classic literature ?
Why, I don't find myself much the better for seeing of you,' replied the ill-tempered groom.
The surly groom looked surlier still at this, but not sufficiently so to produce any effect upon Sam, who immediately inquired, with a countenance of great anxiety, whether his master's name was not Walker.
Don't wait here out o' compliment to me,' said Sam, as the groom wheeled in the barrow, and prepared to shut the gate.
I'd knock your head off for half-a-crown,' said the surly groom, bolting one half of the gate.
In reply to this, the groom waxing very wroth, muttered a desire to damage somebody's person; but disappeared without carrying it into execution, slamming the door angrily after him, and wholly unheeding Sam's affectionate request, that he would leave him a lock of his hair before he went.
Sam was sitting with his eyes fixed upon the dust-heap outside the next gate to that by which the groom had disappeared, profoundly turning over in his mind the difficulties of his present undertaking, when the gate opened, and a female servant came out into the lane to shake some bedside carpets.
said Mary, pointing to the garden door which the sulky groom had locked after him.
Her hand stole toward the hidden blade, but instantly the hand of the groom shot out and seized her wrist.
All eyes shot to the figure of the groom before the throne.
Princess Elizaveta Federovna Tverskaya," the groom answered, and it seemed to Alexey Alexandrovitch that he grinned.
All these acquaintances he observed with difficulty concealing their mirth at something; the same mirth that he had perceived in the lawyer's eyes, and just now in the eyes of this groom.
At left, an inmate grooms Buddy at the grooming facility.
The chimp encounters proceed as follows: One animal makes an exaggerated scratching movement on part of his body, such as his forehead, in front of a comrade, who then grooms the indicated spot.
2) The popularization of this tradition, however, is not merely a story of hapless brides and grooms influenced by advertising, buying new types of consumer goods as soon as they appeared in jeweler's windows displayed in new contraptions such as the Rings-O-Bliss tray that allowed retailers to show the two wedding bands together as a set.
Fit Wedding is an association of professional personal trainers that work together to help brides and grooms to achieve all of their fitness goals prior to their wedding day.