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The article also provides guidance to law enforcement managers concerning the permissible scope of grooming and weight standards.
Murphy has been grooming competitively for three years.
Inmates come to the program from a variety of sources; they might have previous grooming or barbering experience or the inmate grapevine has ``approved'' them.
Andrews in Fife, Scotland, and John Mitani of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor spent several months in Uganda observing male chimps' grooming behavior in a community of more than 140 animals.
I don't think we're going to be able to stay in business if the Forest Service continues to subsidize trail grooming," says Rossignol.
China is home to about 400 suppliers of personal grooming appliances, nearly all with export capability.
The snow has never melted and re-crystallized, but it's been tightly compressed through grooming and continuous wind exposure.
However, mice with an alteration in one of the genes that orchestrate body development lose their grip on grooming, a new study finds.
The sounds of washing, cutting and blow drying - familiar in any hair salon - could be heard one recent weekday morning at Perfect Image Grooming.
DUBLIN, Ireland -- European Male Grooming Market to Grow at an Annual Rate of 4.
In a group of chimpanzees now living in Tanzania's Mihale Mountains National Park, grooming partners sometimes both raise their right (or left) arms above their heads and grasp each others' wrists as they take turns cleaning one another.
CASTAIC - Gently placing a frightened beagle onto a grooming table, an inmate at Pitchess Detention Center swings a tattooed arm around the dog, pats him softly on the back and whispers, ``Shhh, puppy, puppy, puppy.
CHICAGO -- New Switch Fabric and Full Support for All MSPP Functionality and Interfaces Enable Ultra High-Capacity Core Grooming Applications
12 Science, finds that rat moms spend about twice as much time licking and grooming offspring that have been removed daily by a handler during the 3 weeks after birth.
But now, thanks to the 74-year-old volunteer's appeal to the Lancaster City Council, abandoned dogs and cats will now be groomed at the shelter's very own grooming facility.