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Synonyms for groom

Synonyms for groom

to make neat and trim; make presentable

Synonyms for groom

a man participant in his own marriage ceremony

someone employed in a stable to take care of the horses

a man who has recently been married


Related Words

educate for a future role or function

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com)-- Michell Evans will be awarded the prestigious honor of Groomer of the Year for her achievements in canine and animal training at this year's Purina Pro Plan 60th Annual Show Dogs of the Year[R] Awards, presented by I-5 Publishing's Dogs in Review.
Once you are employed by a salon, you will learn practical skills on the job from a qualified and experienced groomer.
HOURS AND Dog groomers employed in a salon work a 35-hour week, Monday to Saturday (with one day off in the week).
She is well versed in the art of dog grooming, routinely assisting with the grooming of shelter animals as well as working with numerous groomers during her 12 years of private practice.
She hears about ``alumni'' success in a variety of ways; either she gets a call or hears through the grapevine that a groomer has hired one of her students.
Today, the 25-employee company manufactures about 35 tractor-powered New Holland Sur-TracTM groomers per year in its 22,000-square-foot facility.
Being a dog groomer is not a decision youngsters should take lightly.
Dog groomers can earn between pounds 5,000 and pounds 15,000 and will work towards a City & Guilds qualification.
CryogenX(TM) blades allow groomers and other end-users to save time and money and creates cleaner animal grooming environments in the process.
Sponsored by Ryan's Pet Supplies and Wahl Clipper Corporation, the Rescue Rodeo pits groomers against each other as they “make over” would-be pets from local rescue groups and ready them for adoption.
Self-employed dog groomers can charge between pounds 25 and pounds 70 per dog, depending on the breed.
Hosted by Emmy award-winning actor and singer Jai Rodriguez ("Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"), GROOMER HAS IT sniffs out 12 of America's most devout dog groomers to compete against each other in a test of desire, creativity and affinity for animals as they shave, shear and shampoo their way through a series of challenges that will crown only one as "Groomer of the Year.
An 11-year-old schoolgirl is one of Britain's best dog groomers.
The partnership came about after someone with the Centre saw one of the Eberts' groomers in action on a local snowmobile trail.
Pet groomers, animal shelters and pet shops could soon be given letter grades - much like those awarded to restaurants - under a plan to be considered today by Los Angeles County supervisors.