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fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines

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Instead of simply throwing cash into the wind, Banner Ups innovative Power Ups plastic grommet is designed to provide consumers with a cost-effective solution that allows them to reuse and repair their decorations.
This child's granny is a grommet, together with her friends she dons her wetsuit and enjoys the sea and the surf.
That gets you a list of several grommet assortments, including a set of 125 grommets of varying sizes for around $12.
After a few months, the grommets fall out naturally and good hearing is usually restored.
I am partly deaf and have been waiting for the last four years for a simple operation to have grommets inserted in my ears to help with my hearing.
I prefer stainless-steel grommets because they can be cleaned, resterilized, and reused.
Rubber grommets will be supplied to the various plants and assembled to wiring harness modules to be used in Fiat and GM cars.
50) with saddle-brown leather trim, heavy grommets and a rugged woven strap.
The new design replaces conventional exhaust grommets with nylon mesh.
Each pocket contains drainage grommets, pull tabs and drawstring cords with barrel locks.
As speed to market critically affects sales, when Star Trac, Irvine, CA, found the shipping of their Elliptical EDGE jogging trainer was waiting for three essential rubber components -- footpads and grommets -- they had to move quickly.
Grommets, slipped over wall hooks, produce a simple, crisp window treatment.
By 1991, when she was making paintings of intransigent yet out-of-focus vertical stripes, such as Having a Hate Wave and Front Line, the hardware (in these works, grommets and an iron shoe-shine footrest, respectively) seems to do the opposite the objects function like repoussoirs that put the paintings at a distance.
To solve this problem, designers placed VersaDamp grommets from E-A-R Specialty Composites, Indianapolis, IN, as spacers between the tightly fastened components.